What is Sex Therapy? An Atlanta Expert Explains

There’s a lot of confusion in Atlanta about sex therapy. Let’s unpack the subject and clarify what a sex therapist IS and what a sex therapist ISN’T.
Amy Howard

Amy Howard

What Sex Therapy IS

Sex therapy is a form of couples or individual counseling focused on improving sex and intimacy in the relationship.

Couples or individual seek a trained, Certified Sex Therapist after one or both partners begin to notice problems in their physical relationship. Those problems can range widely, but often include:

Sex Therapy can make heat up your relationship like this couple on the beach
  • Less sexual interest and frequency
  • Too much consumption of pornography
  • Sex outside the relationship
  • Less communication
  • Sexual frustration
  • Unsatisfying sex
  • Preference of masturbation over partnered sex

Sex therapy addresses those problems (and many more), experienced by millions of couples just like you. In fact, if you and your partner never experience one or more of the issues listed above, you are in a very, very small group.

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Sex therapy is for individuals as well as couples

Sex Therapy for Individuals

Sex therapy can also be individual therapy if someone is either not in a committed relationship and/or if someone wants to discuss a sexuality-related concern without their partner.

What Sex Therapy ISN’T

Sex Therapy isn’t sex coaching. Therapists don’t touch their clients, watch couples having sex, or provide “sex tips.”

A Certified Sex Therapist, such as Amy Howard, starts from an understanding that your sexual relationship was once more satisfying, fun and frequent than it is now. Somewhere along the path, you lost your way. The therapist is there to help you find your way back to that sexy, exciting intimacy you and your partner once enjoyed.

You’re Not Alone

Every relationship eventually hits a rough spot when communication breaks down and that feeling of closeness and excitement disappears.

You’re Already Improving Your Sexual Relationship

The good news is, you’re reading this. Just doing what you’re doing right now has drastically improved your relationship because:

  1. You acknowledge there’s a problem and
  2. You’re taking the first step toward a solution

What Next?

The next step is scheduling your free 10-minute, phone consultation.

This call may be one of the most important conversations of your relationship. Simply click the button below, answer a few questions and I’ll respond. We’ll make a time to chat on the phone – with or without your partner.

If you feel comfortable, we’ll schedule an initial session at my office.

Feel Better Immediately

Just knowing they’ve taken a first step makes a lot of couples feel better immediately. After scheduling that first session, couples start to feel the lightness re-enter their relationship because they’re working together on a common problem.

Taking action is empowering, positive, and sexy.

Schedule a Free Phone Consultation

Amy Howard makes it easy to start the process of fixing your relationship. Schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation today and begin your journey toward a healthier, more loving and satisfying life.

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