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6 principles of sexual health
Amy Howard

6 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Sexual Health

Effective sex therapy respects both the mind and the body. Use the Six Principles of sexual health to define what makes a meaningful, pleasurable sexual experience.

sex addiction is a series of compulsive behaviors
Amy Howard

What is Sex Addiction?

The term “Sex Addiction,” despite its popularity, is not recognized by mental health professionals. So, what exactly is “sex addiction?”

Affordable Couples Therapy in Atlanta should't break the bank
Amy Howard

Affordable Couples Counseling in Atlanta

Affordable couples counseling in Atlanta. If your relationship is in trouble, but you can’t afford a therapist, you have plenty of low-cost options near you.

prescription drugs and sex therapy
Amy Howard

Prescription Drugs and Sex Therapy

An Atlanta Sex Therapist explains her role in the treatment of both sexual and psychological problems. While licensed marriage and family therapists don’t prescribe medications, they play a crucial role in the successful treatment of anxiety, depression and sexual dysfunction.

two men engaged in a sexual fantasy
Amy Howard

How normal are my sexual fantasies?

Here’s the hard truth: your sexual fantasies aren’t so weird. An Atlanta Sex Therapist dissects sexual fantasy and challenges the stigma and shame.

man cheating on sleeping partner
Amy Howard

My Partner Cheated On Me

When your partner cheats on you, you will feel angry and hurt. Your ability to trust may be damaged. Here’s how you can start healing.


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